These are some of the many many comments I have personally picked from subscribers about my Youtube channel and website.

User: Ce Cee
Date: 10/12/2019
Video: Microsoft OneNote - Page disappeared due to cut and paste FIX
you are both a legend and a life saver. thank you!!!!
User: Karen Luuk
Date: 26/08/2018
Video: Adobe Premiere Pro shortcuts - How to insert a clip in the middle of the timeline
Yeah!!!! I KNEW there had to be an easier way to do this. Fabulous tip and easy to understand. Thanks so much.
User: Angel Granillo
Date: 22/08/2018
Video: How to type A to Z in under 3 seconds
wow, you taught me faster than the programs out there lol
User: Dairys Moreta
Date: 07/06/2016
Video: Anyone can do Algebra lesson 1
I love the way you teach! It's very clear, simple and most importantly grabs my attention. Very interesting how you teach. I'm enhancing my math skills so when I take my asvab for the US Army I can get a better score! Thank you, I'll keep watching your videos. I also subscribed so I can stay up-to-date. I want to point out that you do a very great job giving out examples then giving us the chance of doing it on our own before showing the correct answer. Works like a charm. I've learned more from this 30min video than I have in class. I'll keep studying, keep motivating us. We need more people like you. I truly appreciate this!
User: Phuong Trang
Date: 02/06/2016
Video: Anyone can do Algebra lesson 1
Thank you Magic Monk I am only in the fourth grade and I already know algebra,I thought it will be hard but it wasn't it was really easy!
User: bluerose176
Date: 29/05/2016
Video: SQL with Microsoft Access 2016 lesson 1 - Create table
Awesome, Thank you!
User: Rodolfo Medina
Date: 26/05/2016
Video: Javascript videos
I need to learn JavaScript for two reasons: I'm developing simulation models with AnyLogic(R) and it uses JS as development language. Second, I'm teaching programming logic including OOP and I chose JS as the language to learn on. Your tutorial, every video was very useful. Thanks for being generous. Greetings from Mexico Rodolfo.
User: Kaspar Rønningen
Date: 20/05/2016
Video: Anyone can do algebra lesson 2
THANKS A LOT! This really helped me. (My math exam is tomorrow and algebra was the only issue).
User: spencer terrell
Date: 19/05/2016
Video: How to stop your computer from turning itself on
I love you. At first I didn't really mind waking up to my computer already being on after putting it to sleep.. then after a while it gets pretty annoying and you start to wonder how long it's actually been on.
User: wolf spirit
Date: 18/05/2016
Video: Computer won't turn on easy fix
you are a ## life saver I just tried this after a hard shutdown...
User: TigerT0pGaming//TTG100
Date: 18/05/2016
Video: Compass bearings and true bearings
thank you :)
User: SaRi M
Date: 12-Oct-2015
Video: How to convert multiple jpg to one pdf
You actually saved my life! Thank you
User: baja2011
Date: 13-April-2014
Video: Calculus lesson 3
These videos explain the logic....and thats why they are very useful. Thankyou very much.
User: MrPanda834
Date: 02-April-2014
Video: Inequalities lesson 1
Thank you so much you saved my life bro! I just cannot thank you enough for your time and effort in making this video and uploading it on the day that I actually needed it! You are the best! You truly have a passion for Youtube and for your main subscribers, thank you so much again. I am going to tell you to my other friends about this wonderful channel. :) 
User: Gareth Kieck
Date: 31-Mar-2014
Hi Magic Monk
I just wanted to let you know that your videos have helped me a lot. I did maths A at school because of health reasons and I found maths B too hard, I also had no clue what job I wanted in the future, but now I do. I decided that I wanted to study engineering, but unfortunately maths B was assumed knowledge. Thankfully I found your videos and they have provided me with the basic skills that I'm perfecting with the help of a bridging course. I'm currently enrolled at QUT and plan on starting next semester.
I found your videos really easy to understand, so please don't stop making them. Also if you know any chemistry or physics please make some of those videos.
Once again, thank you, I really appreciate what you have done
User: Annan John Kingsford
Date: 6-Feb-2014
Video: Complex number lesson 3
Eddie, you are creative and a genius person. i love your videos and have downloaded most of them which has helped me a lot as a teacher. i have plan starting my own videos.please help me with the software to in presentation like this. thank you
User: KaiPhilly1
Date: 13-Nov-2013
Video: Algebra lesson 1
This was great! This tutorial was very easy to follow/understand. Thank you :)